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Players will be sorted by age group and will be assigned teams each week of the Summer Slam. Players will have the opportunity each week to play alongside new teammates from other local clubs. Summer Slam will provide local high school players to serve as coaches that will help provide instruction and lead the newly formed teams.
All games will be officiated according to the National Federation of State High School Associations 2013 Rules and the US Lacrosse Youth Lacrosse Rules. For clarification and emphasis, the CYLA/CGLA General Rules apply and are amended as follows:
  • 7 players on the field at a time (2-Attack, 2-Midfield, 2-Defense, 1-Goalie)
  • Offsides rules apply. Teams must keep 3 players in the defensive area and 2 players in the offensive area at all times. Maximum of 3 long poles on the field at any one time.
  • Games are two halves: each half consists of a 20-minute running clock (w/ 5-minute half-time). Each team has 1 time-out per half, clock will stop. Timeout will be 60 seconds.
  • Overtime will be one 4-minute sudden victory period. After 1 OT session, game will end in a tie.  No time-outs allowed.
  • A modified competition rule (MCR) will be in effect when any team gains a five-goal lead. After the score that makes the five (or more) point difference, the losing team will be given possession of the ball at the mid-field line in lieu of a face-off, if desired.
  • Team time-outs & injury time-outs stop BOTH the game and penalty clocks; penalty whistles stop ONLY the penalty clock.
  • Game officials will keep both game and penalty time.
  • With less than two minutes remaining in the game and a goal differential of two or less, the clock will stop on all whistles.
  • If any coach or official believes that a player is exhibiting concussion symptoms, that person will withhold that player from further activity. Concurrently, that same person will make the parent(s) of the player aware of this action. It is then up to the parent(s) to seek medical advice regarding any possible concussion. The Summer Slam does not require the player to be cleared by a medical practitioner; that course of diagnosis and release remains in the parent’s hands. Officials, like any other injury, should “observe” and “communicate” whenever a player appears injured or disoriented so that the player may be examined.
Athletes are expected to be properly equipped as specified by the US Lacrosse Rules. Required equipment for boys includes: lacrosse stick, shoulder pads, arm pads, mouthguard, helmet (certified NOCSAE), 4-point chinstrap, gloves, and an athletic protective cup. Required equipment for girls includes: lacrosse stick, mouthguard, and goggles.